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08/21/20 New boards added: /vrpg/, /vmg/, /vst/ and /vm/
05/04/17 New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
10/04/16 New board for 4chan Pass users: /vip/ - Very Important Posts
06/20/16 New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass! See the contest page for details.
05/08/16 Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!
04/28/16 New trial board added: /qst/ - Quests
12/20/15 New trial board added: /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests
11/28/15 New trial text board added: /news/ - Current News
11/12/15 Name changed. WWE topics on /asp/ - Alternative Sports & Wrestling
11/09/15 New trial board added: /trash/ - Off-Topic
11/06/15 Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!
10/31/15 New trial board added: /his/ - History & Humanities
10/24/15 The ROBOT9000 filter has been re-enabled on /r9k/
10/09/15 New trial board added: /aco/ - Adult Cartoons
10/01/15 Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!
09/21/15 4chan is now owned and led by Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel. Read more.
06/21/15 It's now possible to use the legacy text CAPTCHA in the Quick Reply window. You can find the new option inside the [Settings] menu under "Quotes & Replying."
04/14/15 Janitor acceptance e-mails are being sent; check your Spam folder if you applied.
02/28/15 Janitor applications are now being accepted for the next ~48 hours.
01/26/15 News Post: In Memoriam
01/23/15 moot's final 4chan Q&A has been posted here.
01/21/15 News Post: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement
01/18/15 Blog Post: New requirement for 4chan volunteers going forward
12/16/14 Blog Post: The future of 4chan Pass
12/10/14 Blog Post: No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA
11/27/14 4chan Passes are currently on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!
11/20/14 Blog Post: Mobile site improvements and change to moderation
11/09/14 Blog Post: Enhanced Thread Watcher, unique posters, and delayed pruning
10/01/14 Happy 11th Birthday, 4chan!
10/01/14 News Post: HAPPY 11TH BIRTHD-
08/12/14 Blog Post: Sayonara E-mail field, and delayed thread pruning
06/06/14 Blog Post: IPv6 support for 4chan
05/06/14 Blog Post: Announcing 4chan's Vulnerability Disclosure Program
04/29/14 Blog Post: Concerning a recent intrusion
04/12/14 Blog Post: Upcoming namespace changes
04/07/14 Blog Post: Goodbye to some old friends
04/06/14 Blog Post: WebM support on 4chan
04/06/14 The 4chan Blog and Blotter are back: Reintroducing the 4chan Blog and Blotter
07/27/09 The blotter is now deprecated. Please use the global message, front page, and Twitter to receive updates.
07/10/09 For future status updates, be sure to bookmark status.4chan.org, and follow @4chan on Twitter.
07/05/09 4chan Firefox extension version released—contains bug fixes. Get it here!
07/02/09 4chan Firefox extension version released. Download here!
01/01/09 Happy New Year!
12/25/08 Merry Christmas!
11/04/08 If you live in the United States, don't forget to vote today!
11/03/08 News page updated. Click here!
10/01/08 4chan turns five years old.
07/19/08 4chan Firefox extension updated to work with Firefox 3.0.1. Grab it here!
07/11/08 News page updated. Read it!
07/06/08 News page updated. Read it!
06/26/08 News page updated. Read it!
06/17/08 4chan Firefox extension version released—adds Firefox 3 support. Download here!
04/22/08 4chan Firefox extension updated to version Grab it here!
04/18/08 News page updated. Read it!
03/24/08 4chan Firefox extension updated to version Grab it here!
03/18/08 Two new themes are now available—Yotsuba & Yotsuba Blue!
03/10/08 We are no longer accepting janitor applications. Thanks to all those who applied!
03/06/08 Janitor applications are now being accepted.
02/29/08 News page updated. Read it!
02/29/08 Janitor applications will go live on March 6th. Mark your calendars!
02/23/08 Can't access img.4chan.org? Please see the status blog for more details.
02/20/08 Two new trial boards added—/jp/ & /r9k/.
02/19/08 Seven new trial boards added—/fa/, /fit/, /hc/, /n/, /sp/, /toy/, & /trv/!
02/14/08 Happy Valentine's Day!
02/14/08 /frames has been re-themed and its selection is now cookied.
02/12/08 News page updated. Read it!
02/12/08 4chan Firefox extension updated to version Grab it here!
01/01/08 Happy New Year!
12/13/07 4chan DevBlog updated. Check out shut's "Wapanese Christmas Shopping Guide"!
12/10/07 The 4chan Firefox extension has been updated to version Update yours here!
12/07/07 4chan LOGO (REDUX) contest announced. Read more here.
12/06/07 New front page layout launched. Be sure to clear your cache/cookies.
11/04/07 Check out 4chan's Atom & RSS feeds—info here!
10/25/07 The 4chan blotter turned two years old today. Hooray [again]!
10/24/07 4chan Status page created. Bookmark it!
10/13/07 Interstitial ads re-enabled on the NWS boards (cgi/img/orz).
10/01/07 4chan turns four years old.
09/06/07 The 4chan Otakon 2007 Aftermath video has been released. Torrent here!
09/05/07 We're pleased to announce /rs/! Many thanks to Foone for making this possible!
08/03/07 The 4chan Otakon 2007 panel video is now available for download. Torrent here!
07/28/07 DevBlog updated!
07/19/07 Front page updated. Click here!
07/13/07 4chan: The Otakon 2007 Panel! Scheduled for Saturday, at 10:30PM in "Panels 4".
05/23/07 We've added a new comic entitled "PARTYVAN" to the site. Check it out here!
05/13/07 DevBlog updated for the first time in forever. Read shut's latest piece here!
03/22/07 We've enlarged our internet tube—here's to hoping it doesn't get clogged!
02/20/07 Janitor applications closed. Chosen individuals will be notified in a few weeks.
02/16/07 We are once again accepting janitor applications. Interested? Apply here.
02/15/07 Two new trial boards added: /tg/ & /x/. Give them a look!
02/15/07 "4chan BNRS!" contest over. Check out the winners page!
02/13/07 Maintenance complete! Report technical issues via e-mail here.
02/12/07 Final leg of server maintenance set to begin this evening.
02/06/07 Major FAQ rewrite! Minor Rules update.
01/27/07 DNS updated. Make sure there are no 4chan entries in your "hosts" file!
01/14/07 4chan Firefox extension updated to version Available here.
01/09/07 Important update posted to the front page! Read it here.
12/13/06 Support our sponsors—click ads relevant to your interests!
12/12/06 Ad layout updated. Please allow ads from 4chan.org & AdBrite.com. Thanks!
11/30/06 Front page updated! Click to read.
11/22/06 A bundle of new features have been added to the /i/ - Oekaki board.
11/09/06 Site returns after two days downtime. Whoops!
10/25/06 The 4chan blotter turned one year old today. Hooray!
10/19/06 A video of the 4chan Otakon 2006 AFTERMATH has been torrented here.
10/01/06 DamageInc has updated the 4chan Firefox extension to version; grab it here.
10/01/06 4chan turned three years old today. Time to party like it's 1905!
09/29/06 Janitor applications finally sorted. Check your e-mail to see if you were accepted!
08/09/06 The 4chan Otakon 2006 Panel video is now available for download via torrent, here. Be sure to grab it!
07/20/06 Announcing 4chan: The Otakon 2006 Panel! Panel begins Saturday, at 11:30PM in "Panels 3". Check out the front page for more info.
07/05/06 Additional upgrades being performed. Downtime will occur early morning EST and will last approximately two hours.
07/04/06 jumbo & fuuka (cgi/img/zip) are down for upgrades. Please bear with us during this transition. Happy Fourth of July!
06/06/06 RE: Downtime — Everything should be functioning properly now; thank you for understanding.
05/29/06 Janitor applications are now closed. Good luck to all those who applied. Review and implementation should take 2-3 weeks—thanks for your understanding.
05/20/06 The search is on! We are now looking to fill approximately sixty (60) janitor positions. Want to apply? Check below for more info.
05/11/06 DamageInc's 4chan Firefox extension has been updated to version; grab it here.
05/03/06 Reminder: Anime Central is just two days away! A 4chan meet is scheduled for 11:00PM on Friday, outside of "Main Programming".
04/25/06 DevBlog update! shut has written an insightful piece on conventions. Check it out here.
04/14/06 Front page updated. First update in months; be sure to read it.
04/14/06 Well, it's taken a few weeks, but we've finally maxed out our 100mbps line. Here's to 200mbps?
04/11/06 Boards now use a maximum page limit as opposed to a maximum post limit. PAGE_MAX is set to ten for the "discussion" boards, and five for the "content" boards (11 and 6 actual).
04/08/06 We've done it again: Six new boards have been added and two restructured. Get postin'!
04/07/06 In celebration of Japan's "Golden Week 2006", we have unblocked Japan (.jp) domains until May 9th!
04/06/06 Three new trial boards have been added; they are: /co/, /po/, and /sp/. Use 'em!
03/29/06 The 4chan IMG contest has come to a close. Thanks to all of those who submitted work. Winners here.
03/23/06 fuuka.4chan has risen from the dead and is once again servin' it up. Sorry for the downtime!
03/23/06 jumbo.4chan MySQL daemon functioning again. What great fortune we have! ;_;
03/22/06 Man of Wax has written an enlightening piece on 4chan's financial status, entitled "4chan Makes Millions" (joke). See the DevBlog for more.
03/16/06 The 4chan Contests page has been updated. This marks the first update in over two years—check it out!
03/15/06 The 4chan Rules page has undergone a major rewrite and minor facelift. Users are encouraged to read the revised rules.
03/14/06 Just a reminder: 4chan's Contribution Challenge 2006 is an ongoing affair. Keep on posting!
03/11/06 Thanks to those of you who attended the 4chan meet at Spring Fest 2006. We hope to see you again next year.
03/07/06 Check out Polytechnic Anime Society's Spring Fest 2006, this Saturday located in Brooklyn, NY. Directions here.
02/26/06 The blotter's width has been set to 468px (fixed). It should no longer expand the post form and cause ads to overlap.
02/25/06 Today marks the beginning of 4chan's "Contribution Challenge 2006". See the global message for more information.
02/19/06 Wonder what went on behind the scenes during 5MGET? Look no further! An informative piece on the matter exists here.
02/17/06 Server migration more or less complete. Go wild!
02/16/06 Server move set to begin within the next few hours. A certain amount of craziness is to be expected.
02/09/06 orz is back up. No data was recovered from the hard drive failure. Postcounts have been roughly restored.
02/06/06 orz/cgi.4chan will continue to be offline for the next few days, please bear with us while we get things running again.
01/21/06 Front page updated. It contains an exciting update regarding the servers!
12/26/05 DamageInc has once again outdone himself with his latest NavBar update. Grab it here.
12/25/05 Happy Holidays! -"The Team"
12/14/05 moot has posted his "Open Letter" to the 4chan DevBlog.
12/06/05 DamageInc's popular 4chan NavBar extension has been updated to v0.4.0.0. Check out the Tools page!
12/01/05 DevBlog update: "Some Stats" have been posted by shut.
11/15/05 Imageboards restored to their pre-wiped state. Sorry about that—be sure to fill them up again!
11/14/05 Reminder: Anime USA is just four days away! The 4chan panel is scheduled for 11:30PM on Saturday.
11/09/05 Anonymous-san has written a lot of words on the DevBlog that 10% of you will read and 90% will appreciate!
11/05/05 Another update has been posted to the 4chan DevBlog, entitled "LET'S GO!!!".
10/31/05 shut has posted a "Behind the Scenes" look at running 4chan on the DevBlog.
10/31/05 The imageboards have been updated to utilize this new "blotter". Be sure to keep an eye on it for updates.
10/31/05 Reminder: Anime USA is just over two weeks away (11/18). Be sure to come and check out our panel!
10/25/05 /f/ has been updated to allow/force the use of tags.
10/25/05 4chan DevBlog created. Be sure to check it out!
10/25/05 Front page updated. *click*